Your Arizona health insurance options

Every year, the cost of medical coverage increases in price.  Covering these costs, health insurance makes it possible for everyday individuals to afford the procedures, preventative care, and medications required to be happy and healthy.  Without some form of insurance, individual’s risk having to pay for these costs by themselves, resulting in hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of possible debt.  As many of the individuals who do not have insurance are at the greatest risk of being unable to afford them, finding a way to extend coverage stops people who are poor from being stuck in a perpetual state of debt.  With that in mind, below is a review of your Arizona health insurance options.

The Federal Exchange

Of the 6.7 million people, roughly 16% or (nearly 1.1 million people) do not have any form of coverage.  The Affordable Care Act was designed to help close this gap through the Federal Exchange.  If you do not have coverage provided through your work, then the Federal Exchange provides a marketplace for you to select whatever policies you believe will work for you.  More often than not, coverage will be based on what you can afford and what you need.

Employer Based Health Insurance

Employer based health insurance was the original model for health insurance in the country.  However, as more and more employers stopped providing insurance, individuals have had to find coverage themselves.  For the few Arizona businesses that still provide employee based health insurance, you can go through your employer’s HR department to select the health insurance that best works for your needs.  The range and level of coverage will depend on your employer.

Government Insurance Options

If you are over the age of 65 and you do not have another affordable insurance option, then you can rely on Medicare.  Medicare was designed to ensure that no person aging would be without coverage.  As a result, it acts as a general safety net for all people over that age.  If you are under 65 and are either unemployed or are not earning enough to be covered, then you can apply for Medicaid.  Medicaid provides a range of options that help people not fall through the cracks, especially when they are most vulnerable.
Regardless of your insurance provider, it is incredibly important to make sure you understand your coverage and keep a card or other form of insurance information with you.

How to Use Your Michigan Health Insurance

Hopefully you will never have reason to use your Michigan health insurance, however if you do then there are a few tips you can use to make the process of dealing with insurance as easy as possible.

What to take to a Doctor’s Appointment

If you are visiting a new doctor then you will need to take a few items of paperwork with you in order to get your file up to date. It’s a good idea to show up slightly early for your appointment in case you need a bit of extra time to sort things out. It is likely that the office staff at the front desk will ask you for your health insurance card, your photo identification as well as any forms that had been sent to your previously by the Doctor. Once you get to your appointment and begin discussions with the doctor, it is important that you give them as much information about your health history as possible. For example, try and provide a history of your family’s health, highlight any hereditary conditions even if you do not currently suffer from it. If you have access to previous medical records it is also a good idea to present these. As well as, if you are currently taking any prescribed medications take these along for your doctor to inspect. All of these things will help your new doctor to get a well-rounded view of your healthcare needs. After your appointment you will need to check out with the office staff. If you have any deductibles on your health insurance policy you will need to pay that amount when you check out.

Know When to Seek Emergency Care

Not all health insurance plans covers emergency care, so first of all you need to check that yours does. However, it may not necessary for you to go straight down to the emergency room. It is highly common for people to panic following an accident or injury but try to calm down and think about what care you need. There are many primary care doctors that offer same day appointments and walk in, and if possible this should be your first plan of action. If your injury is not a life or death situation then going to the emergency room will cost you far more money than if you went to your primary care doctor.