New Jersey auto insurance is just a click away

One stop shop, that’s what we are, allowing you to compare New Jersey auto insurance coverage with just a few mouse clicks at  We demystify the process and help you understand what you need to do to get a really good deal on your coverage. So, let’s begin.

A little background on risk might help.  Risk is how the carriers you are about to consider operate. Their question is always, “how risky is this customer going to be?” Risk is calculated by actuaries and published in actuarial tables that companies consult when they make a decision to take you on as a customer and then when they decide your rate. It’s all automated, now, but that’s how it’s done.

Your auto insurance risk profile

Everyone has what is called a “risk profile.”  It’s made up of all the characteristics and data that make up you as a driver.  If you’re an older driver or a younger driver, that means that carriers like think you are higher risk than those in their middle years. If you have taken a safe driving course, you can make up some of that risk and see it in lower premiums.

If you own your own residence, you are a lower risk than those who do not. If you have a good credit history, that counts in your favor. If you have a clean driver’s license, that is also a positive. If you haven’t filed many claims in the past, you are a desirable customer.

Safety features reduce auto insurance costs

Here’s another thing you might want to know. A car loaded with safety features is going to be easier to cover than an old junk car. Everything from anti-lock brakes, blind spot indicators, rear view cameras and air bags counts in your favor when it comes time to calculate a premium price.

If you keep in mind that carriers are looking at you in terms of your risk, you will possess a better understanding of the basis of the pricing you are given. So think about it:  what can you do to lower your risk? And do it.

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