New York auto insurance for you

Whether you live in Manhattan or Palmyra, some of the same things apply when it comes to New York auto insurance.  But different carriers may have different ways of looking at your risk, and that is why it’s so vital to compare. You are in the right place, since we can help you do that in a flash.

Everyone has a risk profile, which is how we look to a company looking to provide coverage.  Yours looks very different than that of your teen son. But if you are both on the same coverage, you’ll see that his participation will cost you more. It makes sense, too, because he is a far less experienced driver and truly more of a risk on the highway. Teen drivers cause more accidents than other age groups. That means claims that are filed must be paid off. You pay for that higher risk.

Teens can help you get auto insurance discounts

However, your teen can do things that mitigate that risk and lower premium cost. One positive action is taking a safe driving course. Maybe one is offered by his high school, but even if not, there are commercial courses that are approved ways to improve a teenager’s risk profile.  On top of that, does he do well in school? If so, he may be able to get a good student discount.

If your teen is heading off to college, his or her driving plans should be part of your planning. If the car is going with him or her, an update to your policy is needed. If the car is staying, an update might be needed, too. Depending on what will happen, you may see lower rates.

Mature drivers and auto insurance

It’s hard to fault a teen for impacting premium costs if you, yourself, will do so one day, and you will.  Mature drivers—senior citizens—are another high-risk group. They just don’t think as quickly in an emergency and that shows in accident and claim rates. This is another circumstance where a mature driver course might be helpful in reducing high premiums.

The smartest thing to do when buying a car is to ask for as many safety options as you can pay for, because not only will they save life and property, but they can help qualify you for discounts on your coverage.  You may not realize that a new car is cheaper to cover than an old junked car and one reason is the newer safety technology.

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